What We Do

Formed in 1985, the Perinatal Foundation has provided over $1 million dollars in grants, led a multi-phased initiative on prenatal and postpartum depression, and supported multiple innovative perinatal efforts. Through our partnership with Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care we’ve launched a fetal monitoring course, a statewide perinatal data platform, transitional care for infants who have been in the NICU, recommendations for laboratory testing during pregnancy, and pre and interconception care resources.

We Work To:
-      Secure new resources and provide stewardship of the endowment fund
-      Conduct needs assessments, evaluate opportunities to make contributions to better perinatal health outcomes, and fund selected needs
-      Partner with the Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care and other organizations who share our goal of improving perinatal health
-      Support dissemination of successful programmatic and educational models to advance perinatal health in the global community

What is Perinatal?

The Perinatal Foundation understands ‘perinatal’ in the broadest sense of the word: covering the time prior to pregnancy leading through early childhood.

Taking a wide view of the perinatal period means we are able to support a range of projects in areas that aren’t currently addressed, or are inadequately addressed, by our current systems.