What We Do

From Caitlyn, mama to Luna: "Thank you very much for granting me the childcare tuition scholarship! This will help my two-year-old daughter Luna and I go very far this year. Without the bills of childcare that I would normally be receiving this year, I will in turn be able to focus more on spending quality time with Luna and on my education. This scholarship will not only benefit us this year, but in years to come because it will provide me with less of a need for taking out college tuition loans that I would have had to pay off in the future, helping me to focus on the growth of my family and career. Once again, thank you for the help, my appreciation goes beyond words."

From Tim and Jill: "Thank you so much for the grant distributed to our family to subsidize the cost of childcare - it made a big difference to us and allows us to continue both our graduate studies and working at the same time. It also helps us to afford excellent care at the Children's Nature Academy. Thank you!

From Joharah: "Being a mother of a young child and pursuing these intense coursework, does require an immense amount of effort, time and energy. I got the support through the Myrtle Bahm Scholarship, without which probably my coming this far towards my education goal would not have been possible, due to financial restraints and demanding course work. I want to thank the perinatal Foundation for supporting parents like me for reaching our goals towards pursuing an education and making lives better for generations to come!"

From Jessica, mama to Lincoln and Sawyer: "I would like to express my gratitude for your support of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Nursing Program, and for awarding a nursing student the Myrtle Bahm Leonard Scholarship. Deciding to continue my education and taking on the financial stress of obtaining my Doctorate in Nursing were huge decisions. I cannot thank you enough for the support you have provided me in lightening the financial obligations through your generous scholarship to assist with daycare expenses...I am finally on my way to fulfilling my career goal that I had started over ten years ago; what an amazing feeling. Thank you again for the generous scholarship. Thank you for believing in nurses, and an upcoming nurse practitioner. My family and I are so very thankful."

From Brittany, mama to Jocelynn: "I struggle to raise my child on one income while being in school full-time and working part-time. The scholarship has helped me pay for childcare and allowed me to spend more time with my child instead of working extra hours to make ends meet."

From Sara, mama to Melissa and Jessica: "Without this scholarship, I would have missed my girls more and they would have missed me."

From Elizabeth, mama to Miriam and Hannah: "Without a doubt, the scholarship allowed me to continue my degree and finish - hands down!"

From Alicia, mama to Jameson: "The scholarship meant so much to my husband and I: we were able to focus more on our studies because we knew our son was in the best hands possible at the UWM Children's Center. We will always be grateful for receiving that scholarship, it made all the difference in both of us being in college while raising our young son."

From Tiffany, mama to Amir: “This scholarship means the world to me and Amir. We both love learning and this financial assistance definitely facilitates that! I honestly don't know if I'd still be on this path if it weren't for this help from the Foundation. Thank you so much!”